Empower your Employees with MyHSA

Empower Your Employees with MyHSA

MyHSA Makes Investing HSA Assets Easy! With a MyHSA Health Savings Account you have only ONE account that holds both cash and investments. As contributions are made, our administration system automatically allocates the contributions to cash and/or investments, with a maximum cash threshold of $200. Access to money has never been easier! Simply swipe your MyHSA debit card, have us direct deposit funds into your personal checking account, or have us send you a check. There is no need to transfer funds between investments and cash, we do that for your employees.

Why Choose MyHSA?

Employer Reporting

Stay on top of balances, contributions, active employees and more across your organization with our easy to use reporting.

MyHSA Debit Card

Your employees have access to 95% of their MyHSA balance on their debit card (including both cash and investments).

A Devoted HSA Service Team

With MyHSA, you will have access to an experienced service team who are willing and ready to address your HSA questions and concerns.

MyHSA Web and Mobile Access

Your employees will have 24/7 access to modern, intuitive web and mobile applications to check their balances and investment returns, change investments and much more!

For more information on how MyHSA can benefit you and help your employees to save for their futures, please call us at: 1 (800) 576-9472 to speak to an HSA Consultant.

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