Partner with MyHSA

Partner with MyHSA

Are you looking for a way to differentiate your advisory or consulting practice? Are you a benefits broker or other interested party looking for ways to enhance the HSA related services you are currently offering to your clients?

Whether you want to become a soliciting partner of MyHSA or create your own custom HSA program featuring your investment menu and brand, we have the resources to help.

As a financial institution, MyHSA offers you the unique ability to offer your own HSA program using our infrastructure. Your account holders will have the same low cash threshold, automatic investing and access to invested dollars on their debit card that make owning and investing in an HSA easy and seamless. You have the ability to curate your own investment menu, offer asset allocation portfolios and set your own fee. With your own HSA solution, you can help your clients bridge the gap between health and wealth, provide a consistent, comprehensive service and insulate your clients from competitors

For more information on how MyHSA can benefit your clients and help you to add value through your practice, please call us at: 1 (800) 576-9472 to speak to an HSA Consultant.

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